Soccer Coach Drops Pants, Tells Fans To Suck It During Celebration Upon Beating Former Team (VIDEO)

Mani Gamera was a tad bit excited about beating his former team.

After a 1-0 win against Jang’ombe, Miembeni coach Mani Gamera went off the rials as he pounded his chest, did some D-Generation X-type crotch chops, and then finished it off by dropping his pants and exposing his underwear.

He wasn’t finished as he went to celebrate with his players as well.

That celebration cost him big time, because he would be suspended from the Zanzibar Premier League for six months and fined what would be the equivalent of $200.

Gamera’s reaction to beating his former team was a result of him saying Jang’ombe called him an ‘ape’ when they fired him.