Deontay Wilder Told Joe Rogan In 2018 He Trained With A 45-Pound Vest, Effectively Crushing His Excuse (VIDEO)

Deontay Wilder clearly forgot about this interview.

The former heavyweight champion raised a number of eyebrows this week after he blamed his seventh round technical knockout loss to Tyson Fury on his walkout attire, which he stated weighed more than 40 pounds and left him having no legs after the 2nd round.

Unfortunately for him, social media did some digging and found a clip of him from 2018 as a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast and he admitted to training full speed with a 45-pound vest on.

“We want to activate the fast twitch muscles. We do everything with rapid speed. If I am doing anything that consists of me moving my feet we’re sprinting,” Wilder said. “And I wear a 45-pound vest on me, as well, in all of my exercises and everything I do to have that extra weight on me.”

Maybe he remembered later, which is why he also came out and blamed the ref for being bias in the rematch with Fury.

Either way, he still has a blemish on his record whether he likes it or not.