NHL’s Brooks Laich Credits Wife Julianne Hough For ‘Freeing’ Him In The Bedroom, Exploring His Sexuality

About a month or so ago, Brooks Laich opened up about wanting to explore his sexuality, which led to him clarifying his comments on an upcoming episode of his podcast, How Men Think. During that episode, the former NHL player discussed his desire to explore his sexuality was inspired by his insanely hot wife, Julianne Hough.

Via Entertainment tonight:

“Nothing dirty can exists [sic] between two people in love,” Laich explained the expression that resonated with him. “I’ve shared this on this show many times, a big part of my journey in 2020 is exploring my sexuality.”

“And by that I don’t mean if I’m gay or straight,” he clarified. “I mean, like, in my sexual relationship. What is my sexuality? What am I craving, what are my desires and what are my wife’s?” He added, “And how could we have this language to feed each other and get everything we want and be sexually expressed to the nth degree in everything.”

“When you say sexuality, culture or society thinks it’s gay or straight. Some people are figuring that out, that’s fine, but my journey is discovering and learning and figuring out my capacity for sexual feelings, which in my life have been very low on the priority list,” he said.

Adding, “And now, I’ve discovered this and… through doing this show and also through my wife, who’s exploring this as well, and shared a lot of this with me and has perked my interest in it.”

“I’ve been exposed to a beautiful new side of life that I never, ever explored or thought to explore before and it’s amazing,” he expressed.

The 36-year-old, who married Julianne Hough in 2017, then explained that while he is taking a step to look deeper into his sexuality, he can’t bring himself to ever do a threesome.

“When you’re younger, like as a teenage guy or an early 20s guy that’s all that’s on your brain,” he explained. “As a young dude, you’re just thinking of exploring and that would sound amazing. And then once you grow and you get some emotional capacity and emotional intelligence, and in this stage in my life, I’m looking for a deeper connection and romance. Not a threesome.”

For him, he said, it’s all about “looking for love and connection.”

In January, a source told People magazine the couple had “been having problems for months.”

Clearly, those rumored issues have been put to bed in more ways than one.