Vince Carter Tears Up As NBA Suspends Season, Likely Ending His 22-Year Career (VIDEO)

Atlanta Hawks veteran Vince Carter was in the midst of playing his final season in the NBA, but he had no clue that it would end so prematurely.

The 43-year-old found out about the NBA suspending the season during Wednesday night’s game against the New York Knicks after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus.

He would drain would what seemed like his final shot.

After the game, he reflected on the potential end to a career during an emotional postgame press conference.

“That’s something I’ll always remember,” he said. “At least I scored my last basket. It will be a weird, but cool memory. It’s a weird way to say I’m calling it a career. It ended like that.

“Probably tonight I’ll reflect and be like, ‘Golly this is weird. I didn’t foresee (this).”

“I’m appreciative,” he said. “I do my time and then walk out the door, it’s OK with me. It’s cool. The game’s been good.”