MLB The Show 20 Glitch Had Orioles Player Creepily Staring Down A Reporter In The Dugout (VIDEO)

There are absolutely no sports being played right now and fans are starving for some type of action.

Enter: MLB The Show 20.

When it first got released, baseball fans entertained themselves by intentionally throwing pitches at several members of the Houston Astros for their cheating scandal that has rocked the sport.

Aside from that, there was a weird moment during the game where club reporter Heidi Watney was simply doing her job while in the dugout and a member of the Baltimore Orioles was seen staring very hard at her in a creepy way.

Check it out.

That is beyond creepy to the point that the digital Heidi Watney should seriously think about getting a restraining order on that player in the game. Not really.

With the real MLB season in jeopardy due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this game is a nice distraction.