Alliance of American Football League Gets Fans Hyped On Twitter About Possible Relaunch (TWEET)

(Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

Back in April 2019, the up-start Alliance of American Football League suspended all football operations, ending its inaugural season with several weeks still remaining on the schedule amid financial difficulties.

The AAF broke the news to everybody, noting that it would attempt to “restructure” the league and seek new investors.

“I’m extremely disappointed,” AAF co-founder and former NFL executive Bill Polian told the Associated Press. “On the one hand it was kind of our wildest fantasies come true. It all came true and now it’s all come crashing down.”

Then came Thursday of this week and the AAF official Twitter account suddenly posted a picture of a boat sailing that had people thinking there might be a possible comeback.

Then the San Diego Fleet Twitter account added to the speculation by mentioning the XFL.

Fans reacted like so:

The AAF would join several other upstart football leagues, including the United States Football League and the original XFL, which have folded quickly after launch due to financial difficulties.

As you know, the rebooted version of the XFL got cut short due to the coronavirus, but is expected to return for a second season.