Massive Benches Clearing Brawl Breaks Out During Taiwanese League Game (VIDEO)

Right now around the world, the Chinese Professional baseball league in Taiwan is the only sports league that is currently holding games, albeit without fans in the stands due to the coronavirus.

Anyone watching Sunday’s Rakuten Monkeys-Fubon Guardians game on Eleven Sports were treated to a benches clearing brawl Guardians pitcher Henry Sosa drilled Monkeys infielder Kuo Yen-Wen.

The 34-year-old Sosa, who made 10 starts for the Astros in 2011, could be seen continuously throwing far inside to Kuo in the bottom of the fourth inning before finally hitting him on the butt.

Tempers flared and all hell broke loose.

“For our international viewers, you need to understand that this never really happens in the CPBL,” one of the announcers advised. “It’s usually a very conservative league. They don’t even argue balls and strikes or outs very often. For this to happen right now, can I say it’s quite exciting?”