Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Jirah Makes Sad Video of Him Being A Bad Parent (VIDEO)

2020 is not a good year for Floyd Mayweather’s family.

With the violence that took place at the hands of his daughter Iyanna Mayweather and the alleged stabbing of another young girl, boxer Floyd Mayweather is now dealing with his younger daughter throwing shots at his parenting.

16-year-old Jirah Mayweather offered her own scathing account about her father’s role in her life when she posted a TikTok video that had a soundtrack to the song “According to You,” by Orianthi.

She doesn’t say a word in the video, but she did point to him in the beginning as the song plays, “According to you/I’m stupid/I’m useless./I can’t do anything right.”

Then came a picture of her siblings where she points to them as the song says, “According to you/I’m difficult/Hard to please/Forever changing my mind.”

See below:

This is allegedly her on Twitter:

This is not a good look for the undefeated boxer.