UFC’s Anthony Smith Teeth Knocked Out, Hands It To Ref While Being Choked (VIDEO)

Anthony Smith is extremely tough, but he is going to be in some pain for quite sometime.

Smith not only lost to Glover Teixeira on Wednesday night, he also lost a few teeth in the process. The 31-year-old was in the process of being choked on the canvas when one came out, so he actually grabbed it and gave it to the ref.

“I couldn’t keep my mouthpiece in place due to the missing tooth,” Smith told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani after the fight.

“I looked down and it was on the canvas. So, I grabbed it and handed it to him.”

Before the ref stopped the fight in the final round, Smith could be heard telling his corner, “My teeth are falling out.”

“I would have stopped the fight, corner could have saved their guy from getting finished,” DC said.

“Some mistakes in that corner tonight. And I love those guys! Too much instruction, no crowd to filter it. Anthony Smith is a savage, but props to [Glover] on big victory.”