Ex-Seahawks’ Tony Robinson Tells Story of How Rapper Meek Mill Smashed His Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Tony Robinson had never told anybody about this next story and now he is going viral because of it.

The former NFL player, who briefly played for the Seattle Seahawks, was recently on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” show podcast and told a story about finding out how his girlfriend was cheating on him.

The former linebacker started off by stating he had to borrow his girlfriend’s phone to call AT&T when he told his girl that her cousin was texting her as he was on speakerphone. That’s when she came running out from another room looking very uncomfortable while sitting next to him.

He decided to go through the phone and realized the cousin wasn’t the actual cousin as he saw nude pictures being sent by her to somebody else.

The number turned out to be a Philadelphia number, and he was from North Carolina and she was from New Orleans. That’s when he revealed that it was actually Meek Mill.

Full segment starts at 20:00: