Vintage Video Surfaces of Rockets’ Vernon Maxwell Punching A Trail Blazers Fan In The Face (VIDEO)

If Twitter existed back in the 90’s, Vernon Maxwell would be more well known for what he did to a fan who was heckling him.

The end of ‘The Last Dance’ had fans yearning to see more vintage footage from the 90’s and they got just that just a few days later.

On Feb. 7, 1995, the Houston Rockets were in Portland to face off against the Trail Blazers at Memorial Coliseum. Things began to get testy in the 3rd quarter when Houston shooting guard Vernon Maxwell started yelling at somebody in the crowd.

Once he was subbed out of the game, Maxwell could be seen casually walking up the stands to the fan and smacking him straight in the face.

The fan ended up suing Maxwell and the Rockets for a total of $4.5 million. It was eventually settled out of court and Maxwell was suspended for 10 games and fined $20,000.