Astros’ Carlos Correa Would ‘Love’ To Fight MMA, Get Knocked Out In UFC

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

That sound you hear is millions of people lining up for the opportunity to fight Carlos Correa.

The Houston Astros shortstop is a huge fan of mixed martial arts and wants to know what it’s like to fight in the UFC. He made that proclamation on his MMA podcast “The Walkout” with teammate Lance McCullers Jr.

Via Q&A with Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie:

“It would be me,” Correa said when asked which MLB player would make the best UFC fighter. “I would love to cross over into the UFC. I grew up boxing and I loved it, but I realized, ‘Man, in baseball, you don’t get hit as much.’ In boxing I’m going to have to be constantly getting hit in the face and stomach, in the ribs, and that hurts. I stuck to baseball and it worked out well for me. But definitely I would love to try.”

His reasoning for wanting to fight is to know what it feels like to be knocked out.

“Getting (knocked out), I would love to know what that feels like in the Octagon,” he added. “But also getting a KO. It’s hard to speak about it and talk about the adjustments that fighters need to make when you’re on the sidelines. But when you’re actually in there feeling the power from your opponent, it’s tough to make those adjustments. It will be a different perspective if you’re able to get in that Octagon.”

Correa has only been in MLB for five seasons, so the likelihood of him making that crossover wouldn’t come for quite sometime. However, he did state he’d fight in the light heavyweight division if he did compete in MMA.

“Jon Jones would kick my ass,” Correa joked of his chances against the UFC light heavyweight champion.