Ex-Stanford B-Ball Player Mitch Harrison Competed In NBC’s Titan Games As 1st Trans Athlete (VIDEO)

On June 22nd, Michelle Harrison returned to our televisions, but looking vastly different than she did back 10 years ago.

Michelle, who know goes by Mitch, became one of the first openly transgender men to compete in a network television competition series with his episode of The Titan Games. Hosted by Dwayne Johnson, the series channels American Gladiators as a series of amateur athletes and fitness buffs compete in a series of challenges to come out on top and sit atop Mount Olympus in the winner’s circle.

Mitch Harrison first rose to fame playing basketball for Stanford University and then for Utah. Harrison was a three-year basketball reserve at Stanford as part of three NCAA Final Four teams before taking her talents to Utah in her final year of eligibility in 2010-2011, and paced them to a Mountain West Conference tournament title an an NCAA berth.

Harrison debuted on Titan Games tonight, but did not come out victorius.

Harrison says he hopes his episode Monday opens the heart and minds of people watching to trans athletes.

“At the end of the day regardless of this being a sports competition I hope it’s an opportunity to open doors for discussion, more acceptance, and more love just all around,” said Harrison. “If that’s something I can inspire that would be the most rewarding for me.”

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