Mike Tyson Drops New Terrifying Boxing Training Footage With Unreal Speed & Power (VIDEO)

I don’t care how old Mike Tyson is in 2020, he is still a scary man that can bring out “Iron” Mike whenever he wants to.

Mike Tyson has been in training for a possible return to the boxing ring at age 53 and he has now shared two videos of him looking absolutely frightening at his advanced age.

Here’s the latest video:

Tyson’s daily workout routine typically consists of a 4 mile run early in the morning, and then he follows that up with all the below exercises:

– 2,000 squats
– 500 triceps extensions
– 500 pushups
– 500 shrugs with 30 kilos (65 pounds)
– 500 neck crunches
– 30 minutes of neck bridges

That is insane.