Yaya Mayweather Pulls A Gun On TikTok Months After Allegedly Stabbing Woman Multiple Times (VIDEO)

Yaya Mayweather is not helping her case at all.

The daughter of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather took to TikTok recently and recreated a scene from “The Player’s Club,” pulling a gun on TikTok just weeks after allegedly stabbing NBA Youngboy’s baby mama Lapattra Jacobs.

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Yaya honey…I believe it too 😩

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“Can everybody leave the dressing room, please,” she mouthed before taking the weapon out of her purse and pointing it to the ceiling.

Yaya Mayweather is currently facing a life sentence after allegedly stabbing a female over her superstar boyfriend known as NBA Young boy.

The female that Yaya allegedly stabbed is the superstar’s baby mama, Lapattra Jacobs, who now suffers from permanent damages in her arm.