Unnamed NFL Head Coach is “Absolutely Interested” in Signing Colin Kaepernick

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

There have been multiple reports over the past few days that have stated more than one NFL team interested in Colin Kaepernick, yet not one team has actually reached out to him personally to speak about a potential workout or signing.

That could very well end soon, when an unnamed head coach says he’s “absolutely interested” in signing the former 49ers quarterback.

Via Bleacher Report:

“While Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent, more than one team has “legitimate interest” in the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, according to NFL Network’s Michael Silver. Silver said he also spoke to an NFL head coach who’s “absolutely interested” in the veteran passer. He added that Kaepernick would likely need to work out for a team before signing a deal, which presents a hurdle amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Free agents have been unable to meet with coaches and general managers in person.”

Kaepernick being back in the league has never seemed so possible than this year after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police and the protests that have kicked off due to police brutality.

The people who once opposed him were forced to see how right he was back in 2016.