DeAndre Hopkins Explains In Detail Why He’s The No. 1 WR in the NFL Over Julio Jones, Michael Thomas

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

DeAndre Hopkins has never lacked on confidence.

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver is getting set to embark on his first of many seasons with his new team after the Houston Texans inexplicably traded him this offseason.

Hopkins was on a recent episode of ESPN’s Jalen and Jacoby where he talked about players like Julio Jones and Michael Thomas, some of the other best wide receivers in football.

DeAndre Hopkins made it clear that if he was blessed with a stable QB like Thomas and Jones have had, he would have better numbers than them.

“I played against both of those guys last year,” DeAndre Hopkins said. “We beat the Falcons. Obviously, we lost to the Saints on a last-second field goal toward the end of regulation. I definitely think I’m the best.

I know I’m the best. I know Mike is my boy. We were texting yesterday, but he knows if I had Drew Brees my whole career what these numbers would be. Julio Jones if I had Matt Ryan my whole career … he knows what these numbers would be.

Those guys are definitely blessed to be in a position where their whole career they had a Pro Bowl quarterback — a quarterback that they had multiple seasons with. But I don’t complain. I don’t make excuses. I go out and work.”

Hopkins played with a lot of dud QB’s before the Texans finally found one in Deshaun Watson, he now heads to Arizona where the team currently has 2nd-year QB Kyler Murray behind center.