Playboy Model Daniella Chavez Once Linked To Ronaldo Purchases Chilean Soccer Club (PICS)

Chilean Playboy model, Daniella Chavez, who once said she fulfilled a dream by having sex with Ronaldo, has now accomplished another dream of hers as she now is a soccer club owner.

The 34-year-old Chilean model is getting into team ownership after she revealed on Twitter that she has invested in Rancagua Sur Sports Club.

From The Sun:

“Chavez has reportedly agreed to invest in the non-league football club despite being a fan of local top flight side O’Higgins de Rancagua.

She posted a picture of the club’s crest alongside the message: “I present Rancagua Sur Sports Club from the Third Division A.

“Soon they will go up to the professional league. One more challenge, but a nice challenge because it is a part of my city. We will give it our all.”

After making the announcement, Rancagua Sur said that they hope the collaboration will be productive, but that the agreement has not quite been sealed yet.

They added that they are very close to reaching a successful conclusion that suits all parties.”

She would soon post a video of herslef dancing in celebration:

The financials aren’t out on Daniella’s big purchase, but the club is definitely promoting her ownership on its Facebook page. “As an institution, we are pleased to receive the rancagüina model Daniella Chávez in our family. She comes to the club to contribute with her grain of sand in the sports project and, together, seek the dream of professionalism,” the club said in a statement.

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Encuentra las diferencias 🔍foto 1 o 2 ?🔞Mis mejores fotos y videos ( link en bio ). @mai_indumentaria .

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