UFC’s Herb Dean Criticized For Slow Stoppage After Devastating Knockout To Fighter (VIDEO)

Herb Dean is one of the best and most experienced referees in MMA, but he’s on the receiving end of a barrage of criticism after two slow stoppages at UFC Fight Island 3.

On Saturday, Prospect Jai Herbert took a vicious shot by UFC lightweight Francisco Trinaldo that completely laid him out, yet Dean did not call the fight and allowed him to get hit with several more punches before calling the fight.

Herbert was clearly unable to defend himself but the referee stood over the fallen fighter refusing to motion for the stoppage.

“Stop the fight!” UFC veteran Dan Hardy can be heard yelling. “That’s two times now.”

“That pisses me off,” Felder added.

“That’s not Herb. Herb’s normally a very good referee, but that’s two times tonight. I think the fight should’ve been stopped. That’s even worse.

“Trinaldo rocks him, he rocks back the way he did, he was out.

“Even better sportsmanship not wanting to jump in there. He saw the fight was over and didn’t want to hit him any more.”

Hardy was also captured on camera speaking with Dean about the slow stoppage.