WNBA Star Aerial Powers Continues To Blast Andre Iguodala Some 17 Hours After Perceived Disrespect (TWEETS)

Andre Iguodala may never compliment another WNBA player again.

The Miami Heat star was taking in some WNBA games recently when he took to Twitter and referred to WNBA star Aerial Powers as “Number 23 from the mystics” while complimenting her.

Pretty harmless, right? WRONG!

The Washington Mystics star took to Twitter hours later, demanding that Iguodala show her some respect or keep his thoughts to himself.

Needless to say, Aerial Powers didn’t take kindly to Andre Iguodala not getting her message, so she continued to retweet and respond to post that blasted him hours after the initial confrontation on Twitter.

Not to mention, she even went as far to bring up an old TMZ article about Andre in which the mother of Iguodala’s child accused him of saying that he didn’t want his daughter playing basketball in school over fears she might “turn into a lesbian.”

“We deal with disrespect on the daily so for someone like you @andre to tweet that off the same device u could have looked me up on is unacceptable,” Powers wrote in her retweet of the article. “Mind you commentator said my name. Would it have been the same if I was a guy? Look at the pic. I didn’t forget. I SAID WHAT I SAID!”