Lane Kiffin Fires Back At Nick Saban’s Sign Stealing Allegation (TWEET)

Alabama outlasted Ole Miss in a wild shootout of a game on Saturday, winning 63-48 in a game that was not marked by many defensive stops.

Alabama coach Nick Saban was not happy with the defensive performance as he watched in horror as the team gave up 647 yards to Ole Miss. After the game, he tossed out a possible theory for what had happened — he wondered if Ole Miss coach (and former Alabama offensive coordinator) Lane Kiffin knew Alabama’s defensive signals.

“It seemed like everything we did though they had an answer for,” Saban said, via ESPN. “I don’t know if they had our signals or what. That’s not anything unusual. It seemed like every time we called something, they had the best play that they could have against it.”

Saban never out-and-out accused Ole Miss of stealing signals, but Lane Kiffin still responded when he took to Twitter and denied having Alabama’s signals and claimed it wouldn’t have helped his team if he did.

“FYI when [you]go as fast as we do we call our play first. Stealing signals wouldn’t help us at all because we are snapping the ball why they were still trying to just line up,” Kiffin wrote on Twitter. “[Alabama football] go win the natty.”