LSU’s Koy Moore Alleges Harassment By Police, Got Gun Pulled On Him As They Tried To Unzip His Pants

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Koy Moore took to Twitter on Sunday to detail an encounter he said he had with several police officers over the weekend.

The LSU Tigers wide receiver alleged that police officers approached him and pulled gun as officers moved in to try and unzip his pants to search for a weapon that he did not have. His cell phone was also taken away so Moore couldn’t take video of the encounter.

Moore’s statement said that the incident ended when he told the officers he is an LSU football player.

The Advocate reported that both the LSU and Baton Rouge Police Departments are investigating the incident.

Here is Moore on Twitter:

“Last night I was approached by [police]. They pulled guns on me assuming I had a gun and drugs, (screaming where’s your gun?). I was violated numerous times even as going as far as trying to unzip my pants in search of a weapon that I repeatedly told them I did not have. As I tried to go live for video documentation of the harassment they snatched my phone. I could’ve lost my life and I know for a fact nothing would’ve happened to the guys who did it. As some celebrate the election of a new president, understand the real problem [has] not changed. If I didn’t tell those incompetent officers that I was an LSU football player there is no telling if I would’ve been here to tell the story! Yesterday wasn’t a victory for America. It was only a distraction.”

LSU coach Ed Orgeron released a statement Sunday saying that he was “aware of the serious statements.”

“While I cannot comment on the investigation, what I can say is that we must work collectively to embrace our differences,” Orgeron wrote. “We have to listen, learn and come together to combat social injustice and racism if we are to create a safer and more equitable society for all people.”

Moore, a freshman at LSU, has recorded eight catches for 70 yards.