Bart Scott Questions Nick Foles Toughness After Gluteus Injury: ‘Put A Girdle On’

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Bart Scott blasted Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles this week, questioning the veteran quarterback’s toughness after his injury on Monday Night Football.

Foles went down late in the fourth quarter of the Bears’ Monday night loss to the Minnesota Vikings, and he was carted off the field and in what appeared to be his last bit of action for the season.

Tests after the game later revealed Foles has a deep bruise in his glute along with a hip pointer, and head coach Matt Nagy indicated Tuesday Foles didn’t sustain any major injuries. “When I was on the field, I thought it was going to be a lot more significant,” Nagy said. “It’s a lot better than I thought.”

On Wednesday, Scott exploded over the situation on ESPN Radio’s Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin:

“You hear everybody: ‘Prayers up for Nick Foles.’ A bruise? Man, take some Advil, put some ice on it, and put a girdle on with a hip pad in it, man, get the hell outta here,” Scott said.

Johnson tried his best to calm Scott down, but it did not work:

“Oh, we’re supposed to have empathy?” Scott countered. “The man looked like he was crying. There’s no crying in football! And if there’s crying, something better be broken and need to be amputated.”

“Maybe it was tight and stiff and he couldn’t walk off the field,” Johnson offered, adding: “Everybody’s built different.”

“He built real different,” Scott replied.

Scott had a few more unflattering analogies up his sleeve. “You Know Who Nick Foles is? He’s the dude screaming ‘I’m drowning! I’m drowning!’ and somebody says: ‘Hey stand up. Oh, all I had to do was stand up’ … He got a boo-boo,” Scott said.

“I mean, we’re talking about Nick Foles. He’s the same guy that lost his job to a dude in jean shorts, which was a sixth-round draft pick, after they gave him a contract,” Scott said. “Nick Foles is like wine. He’s good in moderation.”