Shelley Smith Goes Viral Telling Story of Niece Getting Hit In Head With Chunk of Ice At Oregon-Oregon State Game (VIDEO)

The Oregon-Oregon State rivalry has a long and storied tradition, with its 124th edition taking place Friday night.

ESPN sideline reporter Shelley Smith was on the ground covering the game when she decided to relay a story about how intense this rivalry is:

“This truly is one of the nastiest rivalries in all of college football. And how do I know? Because I’ve been to a bunch of them. Once I was here with my niece Vanessa, who was wearing a Ducks’ jacket, and she got hit on the head with a chunk of ice. It didn’t knock her out, but it knocked her silly.”

Smith then goes on to share a more standard story about current Oregon State head coach Jonathan Smith:

“I was also here when Jonathan Smith was the quarterback, he’s now of course the head coach. He zinged a pass into the end zone, won the game, and knocked the Ducks out of the Rose Bowl. The Oregon-Oregon State hate is really real, believe me.”