Sarah Fuller Reveals Halftime Speech She Gave Vanderbilt, Called Them Out For Not Cheering On Teammates

(Photo by Hunter Dyke/Mizzou Athletics via Getty Images)

Sarah Fuller made history Sunday by becoming the first woman to play in a Power Five conference football game, but she also made the most of it by bringing her championship experience to the 0-8 Commodores

Fuller, who is fresh off of a Southeastern Conference women’s soccer title, gave the team a halftime speech during Sunday’s 41-0 loss to Missouri. Fuller said players on the football team weren’t cheering each other on, and they needed to adjust their mentality if they wanted similar success.

“If I’m going to be honest, I was a little pissed off at how quiet everybody was on the sideline,” she said, per ESPN’s Courtney Cronin. “We made a first down and I was the only one cheering, and I was like, ‘What the heck? What’s going on?'”

Fuller said coaches told her they had been wanting to share a similar message.

“I was like, ‘We need to be cheering each other on. This is how you win games, this is how you get better is by calling each other out for stuff, and I’m going to call you guys out. We need to be supporting one another. If we get a first down, if an interception happens, it’s our fault. We need to be lifting each other up,'” Fuller said.

She was called on Monday to try out for the Commodores, who were missing players because of COVID-19. She was the only kicker the team took to Columbia, Missouri, to face the Tigers.

She became the third woman to appear in an FBS football game, after New Mexico’s Katie Hnida in 2003 and Kent State’s April Goss in 2015.