Sarah Fuller Sends Blunt Message To Critics Questioning Her Short Kickoff During Game (TWEET)

Sarah Fuller took to Twitter on Monday to send a not-so-subtle message to her critics who had a lot to say about her kickoff on Saturday.

Vanderbilt’s champion women’s soccer player made her college football debut on Saturday in the Commodores’ blowout loss to Missouri, but much of the chatter on Twitter came from people talking about her squib kickoff down the right sideline, where it was recovered by Missouri.

“That was designed for her because that’s what she’s used to striking. We tried to go with the most natural kicks in her arsenal. Tried not to overcoach her but let her do and understand what felt comfortable to her and that’s what we went with. I thought she punched it just like she needed to, balls down at the 35-yard line, let’s go,” said Derek Mason, who was fired on Sunday.

Fuller, meanwhile, took to Twitter on Monday with a not-so-subtle message for her critics: