BREAKING: ESPN Announces Dan Le Batard is Leaving The Company

Dan Le Batard’s time at ESPN will soon come to an end.

On Thursday, it was reported that he would be leaving the Worldwide leader in sports in January.

The finale of his show will come just days before.

Here’s Dan’s statement:

Most recently, Le Batard took exception to one of his producers, Chris Cote, being laid off without his consultation. Le Batard wound up rehiring Cote and paying his salary (plus a raise) out of pocket.

“We were blindsided by him being let go. It’s the greatest disrespect of my professional career that I got no notice, no collaboration,” Le Batard said on his show at the time. “That Mike Ryan told me that Chris Cote had been let go. I would’ve loved to have worked something out if somebody had told me, to protect him, because anyone who knows, Stugotz, what we do around here understands that we are a family. A dysfunctional, pirate ship/clown car that shouldn’t exist inside this machine but is so sticky with you guys because you, at least in part, because you, the discerning among you, recognize, in a way that is totally overwhelmingly—I can’t tell you how you the audience, with your support, and your loyalty, somehow made the worst professional weekend of Chris Cote’s professional life, better.”