EDP Tells Jalen Hurts To Go ‘F–k Himself’ After Eagles Lose To Cardinals (VIDEO)

EDP is tough.

On Sunday, Jalen Hurts rallied the Philadelphia Eagles only to fall a couple plays short of tying the game up.

Hurts threw for 338 yards and three touchdowns and ran for 63 and a score in only his second career start. Hurts wasn’t sacked last week in Philadelphia’s win over New Orleans, but that changed as he found himself being sacked some six times against the Cardinals.

However, EDP445 did not care.

“Jalen Hurts, take your fucking ass back to the bench motherfucker.”

He stated he was giving Hurts the same treatment that Carson Wentz would get for having a good game and still losing.

“You didn’t get the job done, you piece of shit. Now go fuck yourself, you thick eyebrow Cris carter looking motherfucker.”