Sarah Fuller Sends Blunt Message To Men Who Continue To Criticize Her Over Football Career (TWEET)

As quickly as Sarah Fuller stepped on the football field and made history, it was quickly over as she stepped away to finish out her college career playing soccer.

The 21-year-old Vanderbilt senior announced her return to her position as a goalkeeper, but this time she’ll be dressing for the North Texas Mean Green as a graduate transfer after signing with the school earlier this month.

Even still, she continues to see men criticizing her in her comments section, so she took to Twitter and compared them to Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. “All these guys in my comments are like Uncle Rico…” Fuller wrote.

Just in case you were unaware, social media exploded when she got put on the Vanderbilt team as the kicker, as everybody suddenly had a strong passion for kicker opinions that are never there unless they miss a crucial kick.