Jason Whitlock Calls Out Shannon Sharpe For Trying To Be MLK, Malcolm X…But ‘Likes White Women’ (VIDEO)

There are hot takes, and then there is what Jason Whitlock said about Shannon Sharpe.

The Outkick sports writer grilled Shannon Sharpe after the Hall of Fame tight end insinuated Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was being racially insensitive by smashing watermelons in order to motivate his team earlier this year.

Whitlock says Sharpe is trying to be Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X on TV and Twitter, but believes it is all a cover for him loving White women.

If you can’t remember, McCarthy reportedly pulled out a sledgehammer and smashed watermelons with different objectives written on them during the Cowboys’ team meeting ahead of their matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.

It worked as the team won that game 31-28.

Sharpe didn’t think the stunt was funny. He blasted McCarthy, saying, “Dear white America, any time you have black people in your presence, watermelon has a negative connotation.”