Baker Mayfield’s Playoff-Clinching Run Was a Play Named After What Colin Cowherd Previously Said About Him (VIDEO)

Baker Mayfield never forgets.

On Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers — Baker Mayfield ran for the game-clinching first down that put the Cleveland Browns back in the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

The name of the play was “Maserati,” which was something Colin Cowherd said about Baker Mayfield. He said Mayfield was more of a Mazda than a Maserati.


“This was the call that put the Browns in the playoffs for the first time since 2002: Maserati. That’s right, a simple, one-word call signifying a quarterback sweep. As it turns out, Cleveland has had the play in its back pocket. But not only had Kevin Stefanski not called it this year, it actually wasn’t even in any of the Browns’ 15 previous game plans. “It was for short yardage this week, and we called it,” said guard Joel Bitonio, the longest-tenured Brown, in his seventh season in Cleveland. “I was kinda giving Baker [Mayfield] a little bit of crap earlier in the week about his speed, having him run the ball. It was a good play getting the extra blocker with Kareem [Hunt] leading the way there. I was on the backside so I just kinda cut my guy off. I saw him get the first down and get down in bounds, and I knew we had the game sealed.”

Here’s that play: