ESPN Got Fooled So Hard By Chan Gailey News On Fake Adam Schefter Account (TWEETS)

Adam Schefter is one of the most well known sports reporters in the world, so when he sends out a tweet on Twitter, it usually goes crazy viral.

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of people out there that like to take advantage of his name and pose as him and throw out incorrect information. One fake tweet got so much attention that even Schefter’s own employer has fallen for a fake Schefter tweet.

On Monday, a fake Schefter Twitter account “reported” that the Miami Dolphins have fired offensive coordinator Chan Gailey. That wasn’t true. The account was not verified and the handle read @TuaNeedsHelp.

Someone at the company missed those important details and actually published a story about Gailey being fired and attributing it to Schefter.

Several major outlets picked up on the story before ESPN realized the error, and then they had to hurry yp and correct it.

“The story has been removed from, and replaced with this correction. The story was also mentioned on the 1 p.m. ET edition of SportsCenter,” the correction read. “No ESPN reporters reported on Gailey or the Dolphins, or were involved in the error, which was made internally. ESPN regrets the error.”