Jalen Hurts Spotted Blasting Doug Pederson’s Decision To Bench Him On Live TV (VIDEO)

A lot of people were not pleased with Doug Pederson’s decision to bench Jalen Hurts in a close game against Washington, with the NFC East title on the line.

NBC commentator Cris Collinsworth openly blasted the move, seemingly question the team’s integrity during what clearly looked like a tank job on national television. And even Hurts himself was noticeable disgruntled.

The NBC cameras caught him blasting the decision several times on the sidelines.

Here he is saying it “ain’t right”:

And here he gets even more heated, calling the move, “bullsh*t”:

Doug Pederson and the Eagles should be ashamed of themselves.

And if you missed it here is Chris Collinsworth BLASTING Doug Pederson on National Television for tanking and benching Hurts.

And last but not least the Giants were not one bit happy with the Eagles decisions tonight…

Maybe next year Eagles fans… LMAO!