Upset Bills Fans Start Petition To Ban Governor Andrew Cuomo From Playoff Game

The Buffalo Bills will have 6,700 fans in attendance as the team will host a playoff game for the first time in 24 years. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced last week 6,700 fans will be allowed inside Bills Stadium on the weekend of Jan. 9-10 for the Bills’ first home playoff game since Dec. 28, 1996.

On top of that, he will also be attendance.

More than 10,000 Bills fans are now saying, ‘no way.’

One Bills fan has started a petition asking for people to protest Cuomo if he comes to the game.

“So Cuomo is going to attend our playoff game after telling us that we can only attend at less than 10% capacity? If he thinks he has more right to a seat in that stadium over people who have waited over 20 years for this opportunity, then people better be there to protest his entry. This is OUR team! This is OUR home. We don’t want you here.”

Masks and social distancing are required and will be enforced by security inside the stadium. There will be postgame contact tracing. Tailgating and other mass gatherings are prohibited.

“They have captured a certain energy and charisma that is effective,” Cuomo said of the Bills. “We really have to take this seriously. We really don’t want the fact that the Bills are in the playoffs to be a negative in terms of COVID.”

The Bills (12-3) unseated the dominant New England Patriots to win the AFC East division for the first time since 1995.