Von Miller’s Mother Speaks Out On Alleged Text Messages of Him Wishing A Miscarriage On His Ex-Fiancée (PIC)

Do not ever come for a mother’s child, because she will bite back.

Such was the case with Von Miller’s mother, who had to correct an Instagram user for commenting on her son and the controversy surrounding him.

In case you haven’t heard, the Denver Broncos star was called out by his ex-fiancé, Megan Denise, for sending horrible texts that showed him wishing a miscarriage on her after their relationship went down the drain.

Von’s mother, Gloria, was tagged by an IG user to come get her son for what he said and she responded as any mother would.

“Come get your son and tell him it’s NEVER ok to wish a miscarriage on someone. I lost respect for you man.”

The response:

“First off get off my page with that !! Second off how do you know that’s REAL??? GET your facts straight CAUSE WHAT YOU NOT GONNA DO IS COME FOR ME OR MINE IF I DIDN’T SENT FOR YOU!!! NOW TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!!!”