Matt Schaub Tells Story of Players Around NFL Covering Fine For Andre Johnson For Beating Up Cortland Finnegan (VIDEO)

Cortland Finnegan was a very disliked man during his time in the league, and that was apparently shared by more than just fans and Andre Johnson.

It has been more than a decade since former Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and Tennessee Titans defensive back Cortland Finnegan got into a major fight on the field, but it wasn’t until 2021 when Matt Schaub would bring out more details.

Schaub made an appearance on the “Pardon My Take” podcast after his retirement announcement, and he revealed his teammates and players around the league loved every second of Johnson beating the crap out of Finnegan.

“That was a long time coming. That was probably like two or three years boiling and it came to a head that game. … Cortland was talking to our sideline and Andre just had enough,” Schaub recalled. “It takes a lot to rattle Andre Johnson, but you could tell (it was coming) in the huddle. He was telling the official when we were getting into the huddle before that play and looked at them and said, ‘Something’s about to happen.’”

Schaub says so many players around the NFL disliked the former cornerback that they helped cover the cost of the fine.

“We started getting texts from all different guys across the league that we knew just being like, ‘Thank you — finally,’” Schaub said. “He got a little fine, but I think that got taken care of by guys all over the league and receivers all over the league.”

Fast forward to 59:45:

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