Earl Thomas’ Wife Claims He Terrorized Her In Drunk X-mas Attack, Sent Sex Video To Her Parents

Earl Thomas and his wife should probably go their separate ways and never speak again.

Nina Thomas, the estranged wife of the former Baltimore Ravens safety, was granted a restraining order against the Pro Bowler after an alleged drunken confrontation the day after Christmas, TMZ reports.

Nina Thomas claimed to be “scared of Earl and believe that there is a clear and present danger.” A judge reportedly granted her request, ordering Earl to stay at least 400 feet away from he home and their children’s schools.

Here’s what went down:

“In the docs, Nina — who filed for divorce from Earl in November — says she agreed to spend Christmas with Earl at her parents’ house in Orange, Texas so he could be with their children.

Nina, though, says Earl “chose to stay out all night drinking” on the holiday … and came back the next morning and flew off the handle.

Nina says after sending “harassing text messages” to her phone, Earl showed up to the house “visibly intoxicated.”

Nina says he told her to “suck my d***” in front of their daughter at the residence … and then followed Nina outside after she went to get some things for her children in the car.

Nina says Earl screamed at her in the front yard … so she says she locked him out of the house — and that’s when she claims he snapped.”

She then says Earl “was irate and beating on the windows of the house.” That’s when Earl allegedly put his fist through one of the house’s windows as blood spilled all over the front porch.

Officers showed up and Thomas admitted to putting his hand through the window … though they say Earl “reported no crime was committed to cause his injuries.” The police docs list the case as “inactive.”

“But, in the court documents, Nina says Earl’s aggression toward her and her family didn’t stop there … she says Earl “threatened to come back to my parents’ house, to burn all of my things if I came back to our house in Austin, and to kick my ‘ass.'”

Nina says Earl “then sent an intimate video of him and me in a group text to my parents and to our nanny.” She added, “To further torment me, Earl sent an intimate video of himself and another woman to my phone.”

In the docs, Nina says the whole incident was just one of several times in the past few months where Earl had terrorized her.”

After his release from the Ravens, Thomas went unsigned by any team, and it will likely extend into next season with his current behavior.