Deshaun Watson Photo And Comment Spark Rumors Of A Trade To San Francisco 49ers (PICS)

Deshaun Watson to the San Francisco 49ers?

You know damn well that every Niners fan out there would love to see it. A top 5 quarterback in the NFL, paired together with one of the league’s most dangerous defenses (when healthy)? The rest of the NFL probably doesn’t want to see it happen, but it appears as though Watson is shy about fanning these flames a little on social media.

Niners instagram fan page georgekittlenation recently posted a photo of Watson sporting a Joe Montana 49ers jersey on their page. And wouldn’t you know it? Watson responded with the comment, “Dope pic! 100.”

Watson clearly wants out of Houston, and the Niners are definitely in the market for a quarterback. Could this be a match made in heaven?

Deshaun certainly seems to think so.