Fellow Reporter Delivers Message To Pam Oliver Critics Who Thought She Was Drunk On TV (TWEETS)

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Los Angeles Rams in a game that was extremely cold and snowy for everybody at Lambeau Field on Saturday.

FOX sideline reporter Pam Oliver was trending on social media because fans saw she was not sounding like herself, so naturally, speculation hit the internet that she may have been drunk.

NESN reporter Cealey Godwin spoke out against everybody making those shocking claims:

“Seeing some stuff about Pam Oliver’s hit from the sideline… If you’ve ever reported from Lambeau or Soldier Field in January, you know it’s so dang cold you can barely speak (especially if you’re standing out there all night),” NESN reporter Cealey Godwin tweeted.

“Man, I would have a hard time speaking after being outside for 4-5 hours in the 30s. Even the guys in the booth have thick jackets on…and they’re inside.”

Next week is projected to be even worse as current weather projections have the temperatures in the 20s and snow in the forecast for the NFC Championship Game.

Green Bay will face either New Orleans or Tampa Bay in the conference title game.