NFL Insider Gives Encouraging Take on Chicago Bears Chances of Trading For Deshaun Watson: ‘Trust Me’

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Deshaun Watson could possibly end up in Chicago after all.

This entire saga began with rumors Watson was unhappy and going as far as to not even answer phone calls from the Texans front office. That has led to different fan bases photoshopping the QB in their favorite team’s uniform.

So, it begs the question of where he might end up. Louis Riddick tweeted on Thursday that things may have changed enough over the last four seasons to give the Bears a second chance.

Riddick told Greenberg that based on his knowledge of Nagy, there’s no way the Bears aren’t going to be in the mix for the superstar quarterback:

“It’s interesting to me … look, if you’re in Chicago right now, if you’re Matt Nagy, if you’re Ryan Pace … you know that this is it for you this year. You’ve gotta do something, and you definitely have to do something at that quarterback position — would you be thinking of a way to try and say: ‘Look, is there’s any way possible we can get this guy here?’ Cause I can tell you this: Matt Nagy loves Deshaun Watson, and Matt wasn’t in Chicago when Ryan Pace drafted Mitch Trubisky. Matt was still in Kansas City. I know he loves Deshaun Watson. I know for a guy right now who sees his future in Chicago teetering on the brink of disaster — you think right now, he’s not trying like hell to figure out a way to get into the mix in that discussion? I guarantee you he is. Guaranteed. Guaranteed.”

“Chicago is desperate. The coach and the GM are desperate to figure out the quarterback position. And I’ll tell you this … knowing Matt like I know him, I know his wheels are turning right now trying to figure out: ‘Could I be a player in this? Could I somehow get my name into this?’ Trust me — he’s trying to figure it out.”

Watson turned in the best season of his career. Watson’s 4,823 passing yards and 8.9 yards-per-attempt were the NFL’s best. His 33 passing touchdowns were a career-high, while his seven interceptions were the lowest of his four NFL seasons.