Graphic Photo Released of Beaten Victim After Seahawks’ Chad Wheeler Choked GF For Not Bowing To Him (PIC)

Chad Wheeler’s career in the NFL should not only be over, but he should be sitting in a jail cell for quite some time.

The Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman was arrested last week after allegedly getting into a “physical fight” with his girlfriend. The girlfriend reportedly told the police she suffered a dislocated arm and was bleeding. Police arrived on the scene, and after forcing their way inside, they found Wheeler standing next to his girlfriend who was beaten, bloody and had a broken arm.

The altercation reportedly began after Wheeler’s girlfriend refused to bow down to him.

The photo of his girlfriend has since been released of her on that fateful day:

Wheeler, who is listed at 6-foot-7, 310 pounds, was arrested and booked on a domestic violence charge of his girlfriend who is listed at 5-foot-9, 145 pounds in the report.

The Seahawks released a statement Monday night:

“We are aware of the situation and still gathering information,” the statement read.

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