Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Scotty Miller’s Bold Claim of Being Faster Than Tyreek Hill (VIDEO)

Patrick Mahomes has now reacted to the big news of what Scotty Miller said about his teammate.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver made waves on Wednesday when he declared himself the fastest WR in the NFL, even faster than Tyreek Hill.

Mahomes was told about the comments on The Dan Patrick Show, but he did not take the bait and give the Bucs any bulletin board material.

“Oh man, that’s an interesting take,” Mahomes said. “You’ve got to have confidence in yourself. I’ll give him that.”

“I think you’re more motivating yourself by being in the Super Bowl,” he said. “If you’re not ready to play in the Super Bowl, I don’t think you’re going to get ready. He’s a fast dude and a great receiver. I like my guy though.”

Tyreek Hill himself responded to Miller, calling the young wideout “a hell of a player.”