Josie Canseco Calls Her Dad ‘Selfishly Embarrassing’ For His Feud With Logan Paul, Blocked Him On Twitter (VIDEO)

Josie Canseco thinks her father needs to chill out on sicial meda.

Fathers embarrassing their daughters usually happens in the real world as a rite of passage, but Jose Canseco is taking his embarrassment to another level.

According to Josie, she and her 56-year-old father ar eno longer on speaking terms because he won’t stop his silly feud with YouTuber Logan Paul over social media.

“My dad’s been going on a f–king rampage on Twitter calling out Logan, calling out Jake [Paul], just being so selfishly embarrassing,” she said in a lengthy rant to friend and fellow model Charlotte D’Alessio on the “Between Good and Evil” podcast. “Normally if a dad wanted to start a ‘fake Twitter beef’ or whatever, he’d be like, ‘Hey, do you mind if I call out your boyfriend and call him weak and this and that for attention?’

“I have no idea [if he’s joking]. He’s blocked right now, to be completely honest. We haven’t spoken.”

“When it comes back to character and integrity, I don’t f–k with those selfish moves. He’s just embarrassing. ‘What are you doing, father? Dad, help. Explain to me, please. Why are you being this way?’ I went off. I ripped him a new a–hole. He’s like, ‘I’m a grown man, you won’t tell me what I can and cannot say.”

Josie and Paul started dating back in April 2020, but have since split up.

“So, me and Logan split a little bit ago. … We just didn’t necessarily see a future with what we had there at the time, granted we’re fine now. We just went through some s–t,” Josie said. “We’re finding out a respectable place. Also he has a lot going on with his fight coming up. He has training camp, I’m just trying to be supportive and be what he needs in a partner and I think vice versa.”

Josie says Jose “crossed a line” by feuding with Paul and dragging his family into things given that she and Paul are still friends.

“He crossed a line of being selfish and embarrassing me calling out someone that I’m still very close with,” she said. “He came at Logan’s dad and tweeted pictures and saying s–t. I don’t f–k with that fake internet s–t. I just do not care. I don’t need press, I don’t need publicity, I don’t care to be famous, I don’t care for attention.”

Here’s just a bit of what Josie is talking about: