REPORT: Raiders Expected To Field Trade Calls For Derek Carr In Potential 3-Team Trade

(Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

The Deshaun Watson trade rumors continued on for another day as yet another blockjbuster trade scenario was talked about.

This time around, it would involve a three-team trade with two starting quarterbacks switching locations. Las Vegas Raiders writer Vincent Bonsignore reported that “several NFL insiders” expect the Raiders to field calls regarding a potential trade of quarterback Derek Carr.

The report suggested “insiders” believe the Raiders could fetch two first-round picks in exchange for Carr. Bonsignore tosses out the Colts, Bears, Patriots, Washington, and possibly the Saints as potential teams that could consider a possible trade for Carr.

“For that to happen, the Raiders would have to receive two first-round picks for Carr, which they would then package with their own first-rounders in 2021 and 2022 to present a compelling offer of four first-round picks to the Texans for Watson, who has reportedly asked be traded.”

Bonsignore also stated that Carr may not want to play for Houston, given what his brother went through when he got drafted there.

The 29-year-old Carr played in all sixteen games last season, throwing for 4,103 yards, 27 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. Despite the 6-3 start to the season, the team would finish the year just 8-8 and miss the playoffs.