Dez Bryant “No Longer A Fan” of Brett Favre After His Comments About Deshaun Watson (TWEET)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The backlash towards Brett Favre continues this week over his controversial comments about Deshaun Watson and his situation with the Houston Texans.

Favre grabbed headlines by telling Yahoo! Sports that he believes Watson “makes too much money to voice an opinion.”

Because of that, people like Dez Bryant are coming for his neck.

“The Fact that he said “I think we make too much money to voice an opinion” is why I’m no longer a fan of Brett Farve,” Bryant tweeted Wednesday.

“I’m kind of old school,” Favre said Wednesday. “I think you play. You get paid a ton of money to do a certain job and just do it and let the chips fall where they may. I think we make too much money to voice an opinion, but I’m not saying he’s wrong. Again, I think it’s a different day and time, and it will be interesting to see how the organization handles it.”

The fierce pushback even got Watson’s agent David Mulugheta weighing in on it as he called out Favre’s apparent hypocricy.

“Brett should probably stop throwing stones from that glass house he’s sitting in,” Mulugheta tweeted.

It was just last year when Watson signed a four-year, $156 million extension with the Texans. He’s due to earn $10.540 million in base salary for 2021.