Martellus Bennett Rants About “White Media” & Their Treatment of Black Athletes (TWEETS)

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Martellus Bennett has something to say and he makes sure he is going to be heard.

The former NFL tight end, who is fresh off talking about the dark side of football, decided to talk about how the ‘white media’ portrays Black athletes as opposed to Caucasian ones who do the same things, but are portrayed far different.

He started with how the media dealt with the Chad Wheeler case and how the media did not make a bigger deal of it because the suspect is White and the victim is a Black woman.

He also spoke on the Deshuan Watson situation and how he demanded a trade as opposed to White quarterbacks doing the same, but getting portrayed differently.

He also took sometime to call out former NFL fullback John Kuhn for saying that he is bipolar for his rash of Tweets on Twitter:

He then dove back into his original point and calling America as a whole a “white establishment” and how the system gets redesigned once they realized Black people are gaining ground.

The tight end finished his career with 433 catches for 4,573 yards and 30 touchdowns.