Michael Vick Urges Deshaun Watson To Play For The Bears or 49ers (VIDEO)

There are an ungodly number of teams that would love to have Deshaun Watson behind center and leading their team for years to come.

Michael Vick is just the latest to speak out on the situation between Watson and the Houston Texans.

Vick made an appearance on FS1’s “The Herd” and he relayed that would be talking to Watson on the type of teams he should be considering.

“I’m gonna have a conversation with D-Wat later on today,” Vick said. “We just spoke about it a few minutes ago, and we’re gonna talk about it in totality.”

He then urged him to take his talents to the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears.

“If I’m his agent, I’m pushing to get with the best team,” Vick said. “I’m looking to get with the San Francisco 49ers or the Chicago Bears. Need some defense. Need some weapons. Those teams are short of a quarterback. If a deal can be made, a deal can be made with D-Wat.”

Vick did say the 49ers might be the more attractive of the two teams because of players like George Kittle and a head coach in Kyle Shanahan.