Jay Gruden Not Impressed With Tony Romo’s Broadcasting Skills & Predicting Plays, Thinks He Can Do Better

Jay Gruden woke up and chose verbal violence against Tony Romo.

The former Washington head coach is not even close to being impresed with how Tony Romo calls football games, especially when it comes to him predicting plays.

Gruden thinks Romo’s prediction skills aren’t anything special and he could do the same thing.

“He’s only right like 30% of the time,” Gruden said. “Those are usually pretty obvious, I mean. Nobody talks about the times when he’s wrong, but when he’s right, ‘Holy cow, he’s a genius.’ Oh, come on, man. Sure, it’s a run. Nope, it’s a pass. Sorry, I was wrong.”

That 30% of time was actually way off, considering The Wall Street Journal reviewed all 2,599 plays Romo called last year and found out that he 68% correct on plays he predicted.

Unlike his brother, Jay has zero experience calling games, much like Romo didn’t when he retired from the game.

“I love the game. Love to talk about the game, love to be part of it,” Gruden said. “Sitting out is not really an option, but if that’s what I have to do, then I’ll have to do that for a year.”

After coming out guns blazing against Romo, he better be the next best thing if he ever gets a shot.