Olivia Harlan Reacts To Her Dad’s Epic Call On Super Bowl Streaker (TWEET)

Kevin Harlan is the GOAT when it comes to announcing, but he is so much better when he calls things that are unexpected, like what we saw during the Super Bowl.

The best commentary on the Super Bowl streaker easily came from Kevin Harlan and it went super viral once the audio made it to Twitter.

Following the game, Kevin Harlan’s daughter, fellow sports reporter Olivia Harlan Dekker, posted her reaction to her dad.

“This is why my dad is the GOAT,” Olivia Harlan Dekker tweeted.

That streaker was caught, arrested, spent the rest of the night in jail. He has since bonded out.

While it was a stupid stunt, it made up for a second half that only featured 13 total points being scored, 3 of them coming from the high-powered offense of the Chiefs.

The Tampa Bay Bucs won the game, 31-9.