Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Fires Back At Troll Saying Chiefs QB Getting Her Pregnant Got His Powers Taken Away (TWEET)

Brittany Matthews was an entirely different person than what we have been accustomed to as the Kansas City Chiefs gave her very little to cheer for during the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs couldn’t score a single touchdown and penalties called made their situation worse. Matthews exploded multiple times on Twitter:

There was one viral comment about her on Twitter that she had to respond to after Super Bowl LV. It was a Twitter user saying that Patrick Mahomes getting her pregnant made the ancestors take his powers away.

“Mahomes got that girl pregnant and the ancestors immediately took away his powers. Smh.”

Matthews fired back:

“That girl (laughing emoji) My name is Brittany.

Maybe you have never been pregnant…and maybe one day you will be and you will realize what a blessing it is and maybe also rethink you’re words girl

it’s a shame women can be so hateful to other women..”